Contos – The first



Ok Amitiae fans! Yes, it has been a while since my last post. In between modifying 4×4’s and fixing scuba gear I have managed to get out and about to
explore a little more. Yep that’s right you heard me I have some more adventures to bestow upon you. So gather around little ones, this one is good.


No before everyone groans this is a tale about heading down south. I know I have talked about down south in previous posts but with a good response and it being easily accessible I figure why not continue with a little more. Recently we went all out and loaded the camping, scuba, fishing and 4×4 gear into the cars and went on an adventure to an area know as ‘Contos’


“Contos” as it is know by is an area in Boranup Forrest. The easiest way to describe it too you is to search for Lakes Cave in the South West. It’s literally right there. This area is frequented by a lot of trail walkers as the scenery is breath taking and the hike trails will take you from the top of the ridge over looking the ocean through the the Karri forests. If you are in the area it is well worth checking out :-) There are a fair few camp grounds around as well with he most popular by far being ‘Contos camp ground’. This ground does fill up quickly but never fear we have a secret…. yep that’s right….want to know what it is??? There are some super cool secret hiding camp spots around. The most well know one is Point road. This camp ground is in the forrest and you will need a 4×4 to get into it of course or else everyone would be there! It’s not difficult to get into. If anyone would like more exact directions please fell free to contact me here. I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my friends at Tint My Windows Perth as they sorted me out with some new window tint before the trip. It was excellent and considering the gorgeous weather want I didn’t get burnt on the way down. Good job guys! (more…)


_MG_4512Hello all!!
Been a couple of weeks since we last dazzled you with one of our incredible posts so prepare yourself because we have a few special ones lined up for you. It has a been a busy few weeks for me, unfortunately the reality of the real world hits from time to time and acts as a reminder to forge and develop yourself reminding you to constantly move forward because the moment you stop that’s when it hits the hardest. For me it was the recent hit of house bills, medical bills, repayments that never seem to end and the paycheque that seems forever moving away. It just happened to be one of those unfortunate months. The silver lining to this madness is that with this adversity it spurs you on to get ahead and get out to the next adventure, planning your steps more carefully so then one day you might not have to come
back and get hit by reality again. I found myself this week thinking about my holiday to Exmouth this time last year and how i’d give anything to be back there right now. My girlfriend and I embarked on the longest of road trips, meeting up with her sister and boyfriend along the way and arriving together at Exmouth. That night her parents and brother had also made the journey. We went to bed that night excited for the morning to follow, we had just over a week in this playground, far removed from my current reality. (more…)


Alright guys here is a post from Brad. I’ve uploaded it for him but the credit is all his.

‘Hi Amitiae crew, my name is Brad and I’m a fellow Sandgroper from Perth, through mutual friends (John and DJ) I started watching this site. I really like the idea of using a website as your own personal four for people to communicate their ideas and experiences through. John asked if I would be interested in writing a post as I have just got back from a trip to Karijini. I am typically not much of a writer but thought I would contribute to the page and offer what I learnt during my time up there.

First a bit of background on myself, I am 24 years old and working at a fabrication business here in Perth. Not just the typical fabrication but the creative kind. I enjoy coming up with new plans and solutions for trainer parts, 4×4 gear…. in fact just about anything. I am kinda like the outsider to this group as I believe most of the people who view this site all meet through uni? I knew I should have studied harder :-P After some time at work saving dollars I figured it was time to hit the road for a bit and check out what this amazing country has to offer. I have been to many places down south and east but never really got too far north. Everything is so spread out that it does take a fair bit of driving and a decent car.

Sure enough I finally found myself up in Karijini. I decided to take the inland road to experience some ‘real country’. There was a lot to see, Wedge Tail Eagles and Reptiles plus amazing scenery. There were also patches where there was very little to see or more rather there was a lot of the same thing over and over again. I guess thats what ‘up North’ is though.

Karijini is incredible, some degree of fitness is recommended just to get up and down the stairs into the gorges. Man were they steep!!! It is pretty obvious to figure out what the main gorges were, they include Hancock, Weano etc they are all in the same sort of area. First piece of advice is to get a map from the information centre in Newman or Tom Price (whichever way you come in from) The map shows you the location of the gorges once you are in the reserve, the distance between the gorges (you will need a car to get in-between some of them) plus if you get one map they show you the length of the walking trail in the gorge as well as the estimated time taken to get through. This little map with ultimately dictate what you will or will not have time to see.

There is so much out there it is a little mind boggling, so much natural beauty around I would strongly recommend bringing a decent camera if you have one/afford one, you won’t be disappointed! In terms of accommodation you have 2 options. First is to stay at the mini ‘resort’ that they have there. Nice private rooms, soft pillows/ beds/towels/ showers. Just what you need after a hard day of tracking. WE went for the other option and that is camping. If you take this option be prepared. There are no power at the sites, they aren’t set up with lawn or shade. It is quite literally your little piece of home in the bush. This being said I love camping, it’s an adventure and if you have a little bit of experience then you’ll love it to. The facilities aren’t flash (long drop toilets etc) but you didn’t trek all the way out here for luxury. The best part of the experience is at night, when you are tired and finally get to kick back in your swag and get to look at the stars!. I cannot afford the level of camera needed to even come close to getting a photo to do that scenery justice. That is how good it is. That is when you realise how small we are. It truly is an ultimate escape. No sound of traffic, no lights to dull the stars, it’s incredible!!!!!! You have to go check it out.

That’s about all I have time for, I might chime in a bit later with another write up on Karijini or some other places I’ve visited. Hope you enjoyed reading this little blog and I hope to see you out there!


There you have it guys. I have been to Karijini myself and even I can’t wait to go back after reading that! Cheers Brad. If there is anyone else who would like to chime in with one of their adventures fell free to contact us here and we’l be happy to help you out.

Until next time!

Special Request!

Hi guys,

Had a request from a friend of mine who is currently travelling overseas (lucky bugger). He’s been away fro a while now, mainly in Africa and he’s looking at continuing his adventure in another country. The problem is he is trying to come up with a bit of a plan on where to go and what to do so he has enlisted the professional services of myself (try not to laugh too hard) to help him. Nah he’s not taking it that seriously, he heard about this blog that we have running and thought he would throw it out to the people of the internet to provide some feed back. He is looking into heading to Dubai for a while before hitting up Europe. (more…)

Melbourne, Australia

You’d expect everyone to have gone to this city at one point in time or another but surprisingly after a recent chat with some friends it turns out not everyone knows what all the fuss is about. Well, to put it simply it’s the home of football, shopping, coffee shops and ‘four seasons in one day’, seriously the weather can change really fast around here. I thought I would do a quick write up on Melbourne to explain a few of the sites and hopefully encourage my friends to explore more of Australia. (more…)

Thanks Everyone!

Hi all! So it’s been a while since we have uploaded a blog which means one of 2 things …..1. Everyone out there is out travelling and having a good time, if that’s the case then that’s awesome! Get out there and continuing having fun :-) Or option 2, if you’re like me then you will be buried under a mountain of assignments and hoping for exams to end.

Due to the exams at the moment I know that most people are busy so I thought I would take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone out there for their feed back on the site. It seems we have gotten some attention which is great. We hope to keep getting some posts up if for no other reason than our own entertainment. It might not be clear but although some of the posts look like they have all come from me some of them have actually been added by friends of mine and emailed in. I guess it would’ve have been helpful to sign their name at the end of the blog, for that I apologise and will be increasing vigilant in the future posts to come. Thank you to Dani and KL for their recent posts.

Until that time good luck with your travels and good luck with exams, hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to getting out of here over the break.

Post up again soon. Any questions hit us up here!!

New York New York!!

Everyone has a bucket list and most people’s are quite different. But the one place that is a constant on everyone’s list is … NEW YORK!

I was no exception.

I had been wanting to go and wander the street of Manhattan for as long as I could remember and I finally got my chance back in 2013 when I ended up in Canada for a friend’s wedding. And with my dream an hour away from Toronto, I wasn’t going to say no. So off I went to New York by myself.

There were three things I constantly kept hearing in preparation for my trip.

1) It’s not safe
2) People aren’t friendly
3) It’s amazing!

They were only right about one of them.

Being a young person travelling by themselves, I found New York safe. I was nervous going over because of all the stereotypes but things can happen anywhere. There will be people who go to New York and feel unsafe so the only advice is use some common sense. (more…)

Way Down South

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was time that I joined in the chorus and threw up my two cents worth as an extension to me mates blurb on the ole jetty in Bussleton and his touch on “Margs” as he put it.( my mums name is Margaret – just in defend mode ! ). For those lonesome travelers its Margaret River, and it is most certainly is a wonderful part of the world. If fact , I would have been passing through Margaret river this afternoon if I hadn’t have dropped the blackers on the tiles. ( blackberry for you apple lovers ) Thankfully those wonderful people at the Mobile phone repair shop in Perth fixed it straight away. Yes, like you I was surprised people still held parts for my phone. Anyway, getting of the track here – I was on my way to Denmark. This time you are incorrect, as I was referring to the Denmark about a hour past Margaret river and not a town full of blue eyed , blonde haired babes speaking Danish ( I will save that story for another day ). A Friend of my has a little beach shack down there ( $750,000 ) so thought we might go down and hold things together as there is a reasonable storm coming through in the next few days. That also usually brings with it a decent size swell and hopefully, we should have it all to ourselves – oh and the great whites.
The Stretch from Margaret river, through Denmark then mutton bird island and through to Albany is a truly amazing spectacle to witness and should be placed very high on the bucket list. With no land for miles, the southern tip of Australia is exposed and formed some amazing rock cliffs and giant size boulders sticking out of the water. You can see whales floating just of the coast in their hundreds if you go at the right time and if you happen to be from that wonderful part of the world in Asia, please keep a good distance when visiting the blue holes. Now you wont get a sun tan down there but you will see beauty amougst the raw chizzeld countryside. Nothing makes the wood fire inside feel better that a 120k knot southerly belting in to the window whilst sipping on a glass of margs finest Shiraz . So much so, that I will carry on this adventure another time. Time for a red.



This should be an interesting one.

After chatting to several friends (who haven’t been in Perth for a huge amount of time) it came to my attention that none, I repeat NONE of them had undertaken the legendary road trip ‘Down South’ So to put some juice in their pistons and to get them down there I decided to do a bit of a rundown on a couple of must see spots starting with Busselton (if there is anyone who would like to add posts about the South West please contact me here).

There are so many places and things to do when you head down south, it really depends on who you are and what appeals to you. Of course there are wineries, cheese/chocolate factories, breweries, they’re the obvious ones. There is of course a whole heap of different things on the go in the background that very few people know about.

Of course if surfing is your game then you would be setting the auto pilot to Margret River aka Margs if you want to be a local. The surf down there is world renowned and most people make the pilgrimage multiple times a year. Surfing isn’t just limited to Margret River though, areas of Grace town have some awesome surf as well, you simply need to drive to somewhere with a view of the beach to know where the good spots are…you’ll see the surfers in the water, trust me.

It’s not all about the surf though, for those of you who prefer a world under the waves there are a few great dives sites around as well. The 2 most well known are the ‘Swan Wreck’ after HMAS Swan that was sunk just off the coast of Busselton and seeing as though you are in the area you might as well check out Busselton jetty. The jetting is covered in all sorts of coral and offers a safe haven for a lot of fish species. If you’d prefer to stay a little drier but still experience this world then take a walk down the jetty itself (go to the main foreshore…you can’t miss it). At the end of this historic jetty there is an underwater observatory which allows you to go down and say hello to the divers from the inside. These tours are guided and a small few is required but it is really interesting and worth doing if that’s your sort of thing.

Back on land, apart from all of the wineries, there are some phenomenal 4wd tracks around ‘Contos’ and also some nice secluded camp grounds. This is usually a yearly trip for my crew as it’s easy enough to find and is a really pretty area. Have caution during winter as some of the puddles get a bit deeper than they first look (water well over the bonnet for one of them). The tracks aren’t out there to ‘break’ your car or put you to the ‘ultimate’ test but it’s certainly not for soft roaders and going out with a second vehicle and some recovery gear is definitely recommended (for those puddles…just in case the water wants to come on the inside :-P) Most of these tracks take you from the forrest to the coast for some awesome views. You can drive on the sand but please pay attention to previous and forecasted weather conditions. A few friends and I went onto a beach not long after it had been raining… needless to say it was a bit more than boggy at some points. There were other cars going through a lot more ‘kitted up’ than ours and struggling as well….bring a shovel….maybe I’ll go into more detail with a later post.

If you’d just like to take your time and experience the beauty of this area there are plenty of hikes around the place There are a few tracks out by ‘Contos’ (bit of a hotspot) that take you over boulders, along the beach, up a cliff (wasn’t too step but gave the legs a bit of a workout) and along the top back to the carpark.

I’ll leave it at that for now for the ‘Busselton Post’ I could go on forever and eventually lead on to Dunsborough and a few other cool places around, maybe that will be for another post. Hopefully that has inspired some of my friend to get out there and experience some of our own backyard while saving for larger trips. Go on get out there…you know who you are!

Nusa Lembongan-Bali

NusalembonganlimestonecliffsSo guys to get this ball rolling I’ve decided to start us off with a post about travel. It would be fairly safe to say that most of us viewing this site have been to one of Perth’s favourite travel holiday desinations-Bali. Ahh yes good ol’ Bali. We either have fond or fearful memories of this place. Some people love the hustle and bustle of the streets of Kuta, others prefer the quiet and solitude of their hotel. If you’re like me however, you’ll want to go exploring, let me introduce you to the island-Nusa Lembongan.


I have just got back from Lembongan a week ago and I have to start this blog referring to this place, it’s fantastic!! It’s 30 minutes from Bali by ferry and is the first island of a small chain of 3. It’s the sort of Bali I prefer, no hustle, no haggling and no one asking if I need a taxi when I have clearly just stepped out of one. There are people around but they aren’t out to harass you, instead they are going about their daily business and leave you to do what you came there to do…..explore! There are plenty of places to stay, most of them are situated right on the beach so everyone gets a perfect view. The beach can be a bit ‘grainy’ to walk on but that probably has something to do with the reef system which is off the island (i’ll get into that more in a minute). You can do pretty much anything on this island: (more…)