Way Down South

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I thought it was time that I joined in the chorus and threw up my two cents worth as an extension to me mates blurb on the ole jetty in Bussleton and his touch on “Margs” as he put it.( my mums name is Margaret – just in defend mode ! ). For those lonesome travelers its Margaret River, and it is most certainly is a wonderful part of the world. If fact , I would have been passing through Margaret river this afternoon if I hadn’t have dropped the blackers on the tiles. ( blackberry for you apple lovers ) Thankfully those wonderful people at the Mobile phone repair shop in Perth fixed it straight away. Yes, like you I was surprised people still held parts for my phone. Anyway, getting of the track here – I was on my way to Denmark. This time you are incorrect, as I was referring to the Denmark about a hour past Margaret river and not a town full of blue eyed , blonde haired babes speaking Danish ( I will save that story for another day ). A Friend of my has a little beach shack down there ( $750,000 ) so thought we might go down and hold things together as there is a reasonable storm coming through in the next few days. That also usually brings with it a decent size swell and hopefully, we should have it all to ourselves – oh and the great whites.
The Stretch from Margaret river, through Denmark then mutton bird island and through to Albany is a truly amazing spectacle to witness and should be placed very high on the bucket list. With no land for miles, the southern tip of Australia is exposed and formed some amazing rock cliffs and giant size boulders sticking out of the water. You can see whales floating just of the coast in their hundreds if you go at the right time and if you happen to be from that wonderful part of the world in Asia, please keep a good distance when visiting the blue holes. Now you wont get a sun tan down there but you will see beauty amougst the raw chizzeld countryside. Nothing makes the wood fire inside feel better that a 120k knot southerly belting in to the window whilst sipping on a glass of margs finest Shiraz . So much so, that I will carry on this adventure another time. Time for a red.



This should be an interesting one.

After chatting to several friends (who haven’t been in Perth for a huge amount of time) it came to my attention that none, I repeat NONE of them had undertaken the legendary road trip ‘Down South’ So to put some juice in their pistons and to get them down there I decided to do a bit of a rundown on a couple of must see spots starting with Busselton (if there is anyone who would like to add posts about the South West please contact me here).

There are so many places and things to do when you head down south, it really depends on who you are and what appeals to you. Of course there are wineries, cheese/chocolate factories, breweries, they’re the obvious ones. There is of course a whole heap of different things on the go in the background that very few people know about.

Of course if surfing is your game then you would be setting the auto pilot to Margret River aka Margs if you want to be a local. The surf down there is world renowned and most people make the pilgrimage multiple times a year. Surfing isn’t just limited to Margret River though, areas of Grace town have some awesome surf as well, you simply need to drive to somewhere with a view of the beach to know where the good spots are…you’ll see the surfers in the water, trust me.

It’s not all about the surf though, for those of you who prefer a world under the waves there are a few great dives sites around as well. The 2 most well known are the ‘Swan Wreck’ after HMAS Swan that was sunk just off the coast of Busselton and seeing as though you are in the area you might as well check out Busselton jetty. The jetting is covered in all sorts of coral and offers a safe haven for a lot of fish species. If you’d prefer to stay a little drier but still experience this world then take a walk down the jetty itself (go to the main foreshore…you can’t miss it). At the end of this historic jetty there is an underwater observatory which allows you to go down and say hello to the divers from the inside. These tours are guided and a small few is required but it is really interesting and worth doing if that’s your sort of thing.

Back on land, apart from all of the wineries, there are some phenomenal 4wd tracks around ‘Contos’ and also some nice secluded camp grounds. This is usually a yearly trip for my crew as it’s easy enough to find and is a really pretty area. Have caution during winter as some of the puddles get a bit deeper than they first look (water well over the bonnet for one of them). The tracks aren’t out there to ‘break’ your car or put you to the ‘ultimate’ test but it’s certainly not for soft roaders and going out with a second vehicle and some recovery gear is definitely recommended (for those puddles…just in case the water wants to come on the inside :-P) Most of these tracks take you from the forrest to the coast for some awesome views. You can drive on the sand but please pay attention to previous and forecasted weather conditions. A few friends and I went onto a beach not long after it had been raining… needless to say it was a bit more than boggy at some points. There were other cars going through a lot more ‘kitted up’ than ours and struggling as well….bring a shovel….maybe I’ll go into more detail with a later post.

If you’d just like to take your time and experience the beauty of this area there are plenty of hikes around the place There are a few tracks out by ‘Contos’ (bit of a hotspot) that take you over boulders, along the beach, up a cliff (wasn’t too step but gave the legs a bit of a workout) and along the top back to the carpark.

I’ll leave it at that for now for the ‘Busselton Post’ I could go on forever and eventually lead on to Dunsborough and a few other cool places around, maybe that will be for another post. Hopefully that has inspired some of my friend to get out there and experience some of our own backyard while saving for larger trips. Go on get out there…you know who you are!

Nusa Lembongan-Bali

NusalembonganlimestonecliffsSo guys to get this ball rolling I’ve decided to start us off with a post about travel. It would be fairly safe to say that most of us viewing this site have been to one of Perth’s favourite travel holiday desinations-Bali. Ahh yes good ol’ Bali. We either have fond or fearful memories of this place. Some people love the hustle and bustle of the streets of Kuta, others prefer the quiet and solitude of their hotel. If you’re like me however, you’ll want to go exploring, let me introduce you to the island-Nusa Lembongan.


I have just got back from Lembongan a week ago and I have to start this blog referring to this place, it’s fantastic!! It’s 30 minutes from Bali by ferry and is the first island of a small chain of 3. It’s the sort of Bali I prefer, no hustle, no haggling and no one asking if I need a taxi when I have clearly just stepped out of one. There are people around but they aren’t out to harass you, instead they are going about their daily business and leave you to do what you came there to do…..explore! There are plenty of places to stay, most of them are situated right on the beach so everyone gets a perfect view. The beach can be a bit ‘grainy’ to walk on but that probably has something to do with the reef system which is off the island (i’ll get into that more in a minute). You can do pretty much anything on this island: (more…)


Hello everyone far and wide! This will be our new stopping ground a place for people to keep in touch, talk about their travel, places they eaten at, cars etc it doesn’t matter. We are a small group of friends based in Perth. Please check out our about page for some more info on how we are going to be using this site. Please check back at a latter date for some more info as we will be posting up more as we go! any questions please contact us here.

Look forward to posting again soon!